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Art plays a significant role in shaping culture and building knowledge. BLOK Design Associates (BDA) is committed to enriching our understanding of the world by curating exhibitions that respond to local culture and contemporary issues.

Metaverse exhibition

Manfred Schoeni: Love, Art & Legacy – A Chinese Contemporary Art Collection

Introduction by Dr Martha Liew, the curator of the exhibition

The Manfred L. Schoeni Art Collection (The MLS Art Collection) is one of the most well-considered collections of Chinese contemporary art (CCA) in the world.  

The MLS Art Collection focuses on some of the most representative works of CCA from the personal collection of the founder of Schoeni Art Gallery in Hong Kong, the late Manfred L. Schoeni (Manfred Schoeni), from 1992 – 2004. The collection is comprised of a broad range of styles and mediums, including works of cynical realist painters Yue Minjun (岳敏君), Zeng Fanzhi (曾梵志), Fang Lijun (方力鈞) and Zhang Xiaogang (張曉剛).

Between 1992 and 2004, Manfred Schoeni organised 168 exhibitions and worked with 155 artists, many of whom were emerging artists at the time. He was also a prolific publisher of art catalogues and publications. Under his leadership, 62 writers were commissioned, and 50 publications were produced.

In honouring Manfred Schoeni’s significant contribution to the Chinese contemporary Art Movement, Schoeni Projects is pleased to announce the launch of Manfred Schoeni: Love, Art & Legacy – A Chinese Contemporary Art Collection on SPXR, a digital project space. The works featured in this collection have been chosen for their importance to the legacy of Chinese contemporary art. To truly appreciate the scale and extent of Schoeni’s efforts to introduce Chinese contemporary art to the audience in the West, historical context is crucial. A timeline highlighting Schoeni Art Gallery’s long list of exhibition programs focused on significant events in China, including the handover of Hong Kong from British colonial rule in 1997. We aim to provide the viewer with a contextual background about Schoeni’s vision of Chinese contemporary art at the time, highlighting his significant contribution to the field.

Manfred Schoeni: Love, Art & Legacy is guided by eight subthemes that define the collection. They are:

  • Early Years: Journey to the East

  • Everyday Life Under the Reform

  • Constructing Social Reality

  • Making the Invisible Visible: Art and Politics

  • The New Romantics

  • A New Milestone: 8 + 8 – 1

  • Family & Love

  • the Other Side of the Collection


The emphasis is placed on Schoeni’s relentless dedication to bringing Chinese contemporary art to international audiences over the span of twelve years (1992 – 2004).

The exhibition will be permanently housed in a metaverse that enables viewers and researchers across the world to gain access to the resources, including over 80 Schoeni Art Gallery art publications in a digital format with supporting materials, exhibition photos, newspaper clippings and more. A digital exhibition catalogue will soon be announced at the launch of the exhibition.

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