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Curatorial and art consultancy

  • Curatorial framework for public art (from single commission to master planning), exhibition or art festival

  • Public art project management 

  • Artist selection for public art projects, exhibitions and art festival

  • Art consultancy for private art collection (as part of the interior styling or individual project)

  • Research – public art/art policy

​What is curatorial framework?

  • The term curatorial framework is often used by curators when planning an exhibition, public art project or art festival. It is essentially a road map that outlines it’s curatorial rationale (the reason behind a specific idea/concept or vision) and working processes.  

  • An exhibition, public art project or art festival without a curatorial framework is akin to a building without a foundation. The framework functions as a storyteller, an anchor, guidelines, and procedures that aim to gel a project cohesively (i.e., conceptually and technically). It is a core component in any high-quality art project. 

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