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About us


BLOK Design Associates (BDA) is a Brisbane-based design practice offering a range of services to small businesses, NGOs, government, and the residential and commercial sectors. We are a multidisciplinary team specialising in graphic design, illustration and branding, interior architecture + styling, curatorial and art consultancy services.

We at BDA have more than 20 years of experience working in our respective fields across Australia and overseas. We embrace both traditional and non-traditional design. Our focus informs our design process, and our experience enables an understanding, ability, and confidence that is unique to us.

Our story


BLOK Design Associates was originally founded by Karen Liew (formerly Karen Tang) and Tom Everingham in 2006. Since then, BDA has transformed into a multidisciplinary design and art team focusing on sustainable and human-centred design. 


​Our motto is to provide clients with high-quality design and art consultancy services with a difference. 


​Our team comprises art and interior design professionals with degrees from Australian and UK universities. We have combined skills in fine art, illustration, graphic and interior architecture, curation, and research from our diverse professional backgrounds. We believe any challenge we meet can be matched by our wealth of experience fused with our in-depth knowledge of art and design.

We excel at transforming complex information into approachable and straightforward ideas through our specialisations in graphic design, interior planning + design, research, public art or curatorship. We can also assist clients who are unfamiliar with the design process. 


We pride ourselves on our high level of creativity, meticulous attention to detail, intellectual curiosity and rigour, and outstanding project management skills.


Changes in the online environment present new challenges to many business owners. We understand that design work can be an expensive and exhausting experience for time-poor clients. We also understand that the shift in the online space has increased the demand for high-quality design work post-COVID as new and established businesses are moving online at a rapid rate.


To this end, we reimagine how BDA can respond to these challenges by working differently from mainstream service providers. Instead of providing a traditional design service, we offer simple, user-friendly, cost-effective design solutions that enable clients to take control of their branding. We offer solution-based packages that meet our clients growing needs. At BDA, we believe this is what good design is all about – we listen and collaborate with clients for cost-effective and best design outcomes.


​Our curatorial and art consultancy services offer a similar framework, and we can provide customised services for more complex projects if required.

Meet the team


Karen Liew

Creative Director and Illustrator


Dr Martha Liew

Director (Curatorial and Art Consultancy)


Kaitlyn Shirley

Research Assistant

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