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Graphic design + branding


We establish BLOK Design Associates with an intent to fill in the gap in the market with a focus on sustainable and human-centred design. 

Our motto is to provide clients with high-quality design and art consultancy services with a difference. 

All of us are art graduates from Australian and UK universities. With combined talents of fine arts, illustration, graphic design, interior design, curatorial and research skills, we believe our in-depth knowledge in design and art and our wealth of experience can meet any challenge.


We excel at turning complex information into an approachable and straightforward idea/message, whether they are in the form of graphic design, interior design, research, public art or art festival.

We are known for our high level of creativity, intellectual curiosity and rigour, and outstanding project management skills.


The ultimate goal of BLOK is to provide high-quality design and art consultancy services to clients who have been struggling with overpriced service providers and poor-quality design outcomes. 

Changes in the online environment present new challenges to many business owners. We understand design work can be an expensive and exhausting experience for time-poor clients. We also understand that there has been an increased demand for high-quality design work post-COVID as new and established businesses are moving online at a rapid rate.


To this end, we reimagine how BLOK can respond to these challenges by working differently from mainstream service providers. Instead of providing a traditional design service, we offer simpler user-friendly and cost-effective design solutions that enable the client to take control of their branding by offering different packages that meet their needs. We believe this is what human-centred design is all about – we listen and collaborate with clients for cost-effective and best design outcomes.

Our curatorial and art consultancy services offer a similar framework, and we can provide customised services for more complex projects if required.

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