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  • Design service for retail and residential projects

  • Preliminary design consultation to developed design concepts

  • Spatial planning

  • Design documentation and package 

  • Comprehensive and user-friendly interior design + styling guide

  • Project management for Retail projects – all stages, including the permit application 

  • Furniture and soft furnishing sourcing and procurement

  • Research (such as feasibility study for commercial and residential building and space, professional advice on heritage value and period detail)

  • Expert review of clients existing furniture, objects and art for their new interiors

  • Evaluation of basic builders' plans (including recommendations on improvement in the plan). The aim is to help clients to create highly functional and aesthetically pleasing interiors for residential and retail projects. The process can be found here.

What is interior architecture?

In simple terms, interior architecture is a combination of interior design and architecture. Whilst an architect looks to design the framework of a building, and also advise in its construction, an interior architect looks to update an interior by reconstructing or reshaping a space. The definition of interior architecture can be found here:

What Is Interior Architecture? | The Interior Architecture Life (

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